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From the desk of: Pete O'Sullivan
Saturday, 1557hrs GMT

Dear Fellow Internet Marketing Junkie,

Over the past few months yet another 'brand new' strategy to make your fortune on the internet marketing has reared it's ugly head.

And in another couple of weeks or months there will be another and another and another.

It doesn't matter if that 'new strategy' is Google Adsense, Social Bookmarking, Blog & Ping or more recently Tag & Ping, they all lead to one thing for the majority of people.

Analysis paralysis or information overload...

Did You Know That Over 90% Of The People Who Buy These Products
Leave The Products To Rot On Their Office Shelves Or Desks?

Have you ever asked yourself why one person can make John Reese's Traffic Secrets work for them and now work full time on the internet while others cannot make the system work for them?

The crazy thing is, a lot of people think these systems either 'do' or 'do not' work, regardless of who puts them into practice.

Those people are dead wrong!

It doesn't matter which of the strategies above you take, people have made money, (in fact a ridiculously large amount of money), with every single one of them.

But for every one who has made some money, there are 8 or 9 who haven't made a dime.

Why Does One Person Make It Work And A Second Does Not?

You won't believe how simple the answer to that question is.

In fact you're going to kick yourself when I tell you. But first, let me explain to you what seems to be happening more and more each day,... even more in 2006 than ever before, and it looks like it's only going to get worse.

Every day you are bombarded with emails, (very often from internet marketing gurus, which makes things even worse), telling us about the latest and greatest system or strategy that will make us rich.

Each product claiming to be the 'magic pill' that will provide all the answers you need to make a living on the net. -- There in lies the answer.

No matter how hard somebody tries, it is not possible to create a magic pill for everyone.

We Need To Take A Look At Ourselves For The
Answer, Not The Internet Marketing Products

Have you ever heard the saying, "The person is responsible for making a success of a product. The product is NOT responsible for making a success of the person"?

It's not particularly catchy,.. but it is very true.

Regardless of the claims or even the proven results of a particular internet product, the sad facts are only 10% of the people who buy them actually do anything with them.

Now ask yourself honestly, are you one of the 'few who do' or the 'many who don't'?

Analysis Paralysis And Information Overload = Death Of Success

Do you spend time scouring the internet for 'just one more bit of information' before you proceed?

Do you spend more time reading e-books or listening to audios about internet marketing than actually doing internet marketing to promote your business?

Do you get frustrated with the lack of traffic to your web sites / web pages, despite not actually doing anything to create the traffic in the first place?

Then you are unfortunately one of the 'many who don't', whether you admit it or not.

It's Okay,... All Is Not Lost, You Can Change Things Starting Today!

You've probably got either shelves full of unopened or unwatched products, or your hard drive is crammed full of e-books, audios or videos that you still haven't had chance to invest some time in.

Yet, you still keep on searching for the holy grail, despite the fact that the answers might already be sitting on your shelves or hard drive. -- Does that make sense?

Ask yourself honestly,... "Do you spend more money on internet marketing products each month than you actually earn from your internet marketing efforts each month?"

If you do, then it's time for a change, because although it's good to invest in your education, it's unlikely you're putting what you already know into action.

Now, many many gurus out there aren't going to like what I've got to say because this is ultimately going to hit their bottom line, (well at least if you listen to me anyway) but, STOP buying stuff.

Hold On,... So I Don't Have To Spend Any More Money?

Don't get me wrong, you need to buy some essential tools like hosting, possibly web design and some keyword research software and things, but other than that, you shouldn't spend much more until you've got something coming in.

If what you've invested doesn't start to show a return, chances are it's because you're not doing anything with whatever it is you've invested in. (Unfortunately, no-one can help you with this but you).

You really don't need to be a rocket scientist with this...

All you need to do is; MAKE A PLAN, and most importantly STICK TO IT, NO MATTER WHAT!

If you've already got a plan,... good for you, the only challenge you have now is to stick to it!

Everyone else needs to MAKE A PLAN right now. (Well after you've read the rest of my rant ;0)

What Do You Mean You Don't Know How To Make A Plan?

It is so simple, it's ridiculous...

A plan is just that,... a plan. Another word for it would be a MAP. (Tony Robbins teaches that a MAP stands for a Massive Action Plan)

Now I don't know where you are in the world, but if you were in New York and wanted to get to Los Angeles by road, you're going to need a plan and a MAP aren't you?

Your business is no different.

Even the last sentence holds a lot of detail. You need to know where you are, (New York), where you want to be (L.A.) and how you're going to get there. (plan & MAP)

What Exactly Does A Plan Look Like?

I'm afraid, the old 'depends' line is upon us once again, but an example for one of my readers is:

Dave was earning $35,000 per year as a self employed carpet cleaner but really wanted to start to make a living on the net.

He decided he could realistically live on $30,000 per year before taxes, so set about making the following plan:

$30,000 divided by 365 days = $82.20 per day (rounded up to the nearest penny)

He's currently earning an average of $13.47 per day from Google Adsense

And a further $26.43 per day on average from various Clickbank products

Therefore he currently earns a total of $39.90 per day from the internet.

$82.20 - $39.90 = $42.30

In other words, he is almost half way to his goal already, but he didn't realise how close he is before he put this plan together.

At the moment he only messes around with internet marketing and spends a lot of his time buying products and reading e-books but has suddenly realised that he only needs to 'duplicate' what he has already done and he will be able to give up his 60 hours per week cleaning other people's carpets.

He obviously gets excited by this and immediately draws up an in depth plan of how he can make this system work and fast.

What Does An In Depth Plan Look Like?

Dave looks at his clickbank account and sees that 95% of his weekly sales come from two clickbank products but he's only sending a very small amount of pay per click traffic to these sites with Google Adwords.

He decides that he needs to do some keyword research to find some more keyword phrases that people are searching for. He buys a copy of the best keyword research software available and spends two hours that night finding lots of associated keyword phrases.

He then sets up four more ad groups within Google Adwords for some tightly focused keyword phrases to throw even more traffic at the two clickbank products that he's currently earning a small commission from.

Next he checks his adsense tracking script to see how many web sites are earning him money from Google Adsense and discovers that only 23 pages are actually making him any money.

That means he's currently earning an average of a little under 59 cents per page, per day.

So on that basis, for every high quality content page he puts up, he'll earn an average of $0.59 per day for each page that is indexed in the search engines.

Realistically that means if he puts up 100 pages of content, he will easily exceed his daily target objective of $82.20 per day when combined with his current online earnings, without an increase in clickbank commissions and other income creation attempts.

Do You See How Simple It Really Is?

Now you must be kicking yourself for not realising how easy it really is, right?

I usually go into much more detail than that, like writing down the exact steps I followed to create the income in the first place, like creating a free viral e-book to promote some of the clickbank products etc., but you get the idea.

The next thing you do is 'unsubscribe' from all the internet marketing gurus out there.

I'm absolutely serious,... write down their names and domain names in a text file and save it on your desktop so that once you are actually starting to make a living on the net, you can go back and sign up for their ezines and lists again, but until you're working full time, you CANNOT afford to spend all your time reading / listening to a load of gurus contradicting each other.

So How Do You Know What To Do Next?

I recommend you choose one internet marketing mentor, (or guru if you like) and ONLY follow their lead based on your own gut instinct as to their ethical standing. (Only you can do this!)

Then follow that person only for the next 12 months, or until you're in a position to leave your full time employment by replacing that income with one that you've created online.

Now, I am a little biased, but I'd recommend you choose me as your mentor, but that's a choice only you can make. In reality it doesn't matter who you choose, so long as you feel they know what they're talking about when it comes to internet marketing and that they have an understanding of ethics.

Other than that, providing you only choose ONE mentor to follow and DO unsubscribe from all the other internet marketing blurb, you're golden. -- I was amazed when I did this just how much free time you actually have available to DO internet marketing rather than read and listen to other people spurting on about it.

And What Happens After That?

You need to stick to this new plan of yours and give it 100% of your focus for whatever time you decide to allocate to internet marketing, whether that's an hour a day or whatever.

Now, when you come across a challenge, you have one mentor to email and ask for a bit of direction and it WILL NOT conflict with anyone else, because there is no-one else. (Have you ever heard the saying, "A confused mind says no"? -- It's a well known saying in sales training).

By having a much simpler approach, you can spend more time implementing and less time researching and wondering which advice / recommendation is right.

Once you find something that works for you, simple 'rinse and repeat'.

What If I Come Across A New Product or Tool?

You then need to assess if you can integrate this product or tool into your existing strategy.

If it's possible, then I would speak with your mentor, but otherwise, providing it DOES NOT stray your focus onto other areas and income streams, then you're golden.

The key area we're looking to avoid, is a repeat of the analysis paralysis and information overload.

If you simply MAKE A PLAN, STICK TO THAT PLAN and create MASSIVE ACTION, you're 90% there, I assure you.

Follow that system consistently and persistently, I guarantee you will succeed!

Let me know if you'd like my help with anything.

To Your e-Success,

Pete's Signature
Pete O'Sullivan

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